Three Things You Should Know about Hal Finney and Bitcoin

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March 11, 2018
by Sharon Moran

Hal Finney was the very first early adopter of bitcoin, and he had correspondence with Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator. At one point, people even speculated he was Satoshi. It’s possible the mystery of who created bitcoin will never be fully solved, but there is no confusion that Hal Finney played a large part in bitcoin mining’s early days.

Here are three things Hal Finney you’ll find interesting:

He speculated that the value of one bitcoin could go as high as $10 million!

He let the world know he was mining bitcoin on January 10, 2009. Keep in mind this was just one day after bitcoin’s official launch.

He created a digital currency system that, in part, laid the foundation for the eventual creation of bitcoin. His system used RPOW (Reusable Proof of Work) tokens.

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  1. Did Hal Finney (recipient of 1st Bitcoin) launch NewYorkCoin $NYC in early 2014? As a BIG F-U to New York for targeting and prosecuting Bitcoin start-ups? (e.g. Charlie Shrem / BitInstant)

    NYC is the ONLY crypto in existence besides Bitcoin with an unknown developer. Launched 6 months before Hal Finney died. Original Github has never been accessed since.

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