Forget Cryptocurrency Trading: 3 Mac-Friendly Cryptocurrencies to Mine Today

March 12, 2018
by Sharon Moran

I’m not a fan of cryptocurrency trading. It’s probably due to a lackluster experience attempting Forex trading in the summer of 2010. It started out with a demo account and modest progress, segueing into small but live trading. After two weeks, I was $30 ahead but constantly being tugged in other directions, namely amping up my software development pursuits and self-study efforts, at the time specifically learning ActionScript 3 and Java.

I could never really wrap my head around day trading because it just never got beyond a minimum level of enjoyment for me. But it’s mom-friendly because it can be done from a home office (and possibly automated if you do it right), so I felt compelled to at least try it.

It’s possible if I tried cryptocurrency trading now, I’d enjoy it way more than forex trading because I get excited about the underlying blockchain and individual use cases of different cryptocurrencies. But I’m in it for the long-term. I envision a world with cryptocurrency exclusively, so crypto rich, cash poor is my motto in the meantime.

You don’t need to trade your USD for cryptocurrency on an exchange or even spend money on an expensive ASIC mining rig to acquire cryptocurrency.

Here are my top three recommendations that you can mine on a Mac or even on a MacBook in order from highest to lowest number of coins you can earn in a day!

1. TurtleCoin

TurtleCoin is a fairly new cryptocurrency, launching just three months ago. TurtleCoin’s creator is aiming for organic growth. The best part is that TurtleCoin is CPU and GPU-friendly. In a world of cloud mining, outsourced crypto mining contracts that sell out quickly, and rented hash power, mining TurtleCoin presents a welcomed opportunity.

Go to this page on their Github and scroll down for a list of pools. Click here for a Mac mining guide.

You can earn 500-1000 shells a day mining on a Mac.

2. Ultranote

UltraNote is a privacy coin based on CryptoNote algorithm. You can mine directly from the GUI wallet. Ultranote is ASIC-resistant. You’ll be able to mine several hundred XUN on a Mac.

3. Electroneum

UPDATE: Electroneum is no longer CPU friendly after they reintroduced ASIC support. It’s now non-ASIC friendly.

Electroneum is privacy coin based on Monero. Electroneum’s blockchain went live on November 1, but ICO investors wallets were locked down until mid December due to a DDOS attack at launch. Electroneum is CPU friendly. You won’t get as many coins on a Mac, perhaps just a few a day, but ETN coin is a sleeping giant, so it’s a good cryptocurrency to acquire while you can.

Go to for a friendly pool. You can add their pool under Minergate for an easy setup. Or better yet, try an even easier setup and mine instantly with their Web miner.

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