Electroneum Uncovered

Electroneum’s road to mass adoption has never been clearer. This weekend a leaked PDF from Electroneum began circulating. Numerous prominent Youtubers have already begun covering the document and its implications. It’s rumored that Electroneum will be officially releasing the 16-page document soon.

In the document, Electroneum contends, “The evolutionary step to mass adoption is to get the cryptocurrency into the hands of the users. Electroneum (ETN) has redefined the use of cryptocurrency, with an ecosystem that is focused on achieving mass adoption through mobile use.”

Anyone familiar with the cryptocurrency space is well aware that many cryptocurrencies claim they want to usher in mass adoption, although none currently have tangible plans in place to achieve this. Electroneum, led by Richard Ells, already has established a clear route to market with access to 130 million users via 11 partnerships.

The partner mobile operators also benefit from the ecosystem that Electroneum is creating. Mobile operators benefit from two new revenue streams. They will receive up to $1 per month per user, and they also benefit from users being able to spend mining revenue on their goods and services.

The key brilliant aspect behind Electroneum’s plan is that no cryptocurrency has set out to specifically reach individuals who live in developing nations. Due to an effect known as leapfrogging, infrastructure for landlines never reached developing nations. As a result, developing nations moved straight to cell phones because of ease of satellite placement. Of the 5 billion smart phone users worldwide, 1 billion of them are unbanked. They’re largely ignored and are an untapped market, and (from Electroneum’s leaked document) “Electroneum has the potential to help those who need help the most.”

Electroneum’s plan combines the ubiquity of mobile phones in developing nations and the existence of cryptocurrency in a way that has never been done before.

Keep your eye out soon for Electroneum’s official release of this leaked document.

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