Alternate Reality Technology on the Blockchain?

A recent press release from DMG Productions announced that Fox Business will air an episode of Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr. television series later this year that will explore how blockchain technology is transforming alternate reality technology. Innovations is an award-winning educational and informative series that covers the latest breakthroughs in all areas of society in an information-based 30-minute show.

I must admit, when reading the headline including the phrase “alternate reality” I was naively hopeful that CERN researchers had found a way to transverse through the multiverse. Unfortunately, that was not the case, even though I knew it before reading further. However, the actual reality and developments which will be covered in this 30-minute show are no less fascinating. The producers of the show plan to cover VIBEHub, a technology platform that can be used to create virtual reality marketplaces and hubs.

VIBEHub is a virtual reality application that captures visual performances using volumetric video, a holoportation technology. VIBEHub offers a virtual social reality in which it would be possible to attend a concert located thousands of miles away, attend an education seminar in a different time zone, or go on a virtual date with someone located on another continent. The associated cryptocurrency is VIBE token, based on the Ethereum blockchain. As of press time, the price of VIBE was $0.168181 according to VIBE is listed on HitBTC and Etherdelta exchanges.

VIBEHub offers a hybrid chain solution with offloaded microtransactions isolated to a private off-chain solution.

I’m eager for this show’s debut later this year and the possible impact it has by introducing the concept of blockchain-enabled virtual reality and augmented reality to casual viewers.

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