Looking for Profitable Cryptocurrency Investments? Ask Darwin.

April 5, 2018
by Sharon Moran

Navigating a seemingly endless list of cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap.com can seem daunting. Trying to isolate a handful of cryptocurrencies as potentially worthy investments out of more than a thousand digital currencies can cause even the most meticulous and decisive person anxiety. Luckily, there is a new managed investment fund that promises to simplify and quantify the process. And they’re relying on the wisdom of Charles Darwin to do it.

Darwin’s Finches Meet Fintech

At the intersection of evolutionary science, cryptocurrency, and fintech is Anti Hero Capital. They believe quantitatively applying evolutionary science to the cryptocurrency asset class can result in stable returns, and they founded one of Australia’s first managed investment funds dedicated entirely to cryptocurrencies.

From a press release dated April 4, 2018, “The Fund, of which Anti Hero Capital is a manager, uses a quantitative approach based on evolutionary science to determine which cryptocurrency tokens have the highest potential for rapid growth.”

Their approach gives a whole new meaning to the education buzzword multidisciplinary studies. “The Anti Hero Capital Fund will be one of the first investment funds in the world to implement a quantitative investment strategy based on “Darwinistic” evolutionary science. There are a number of similarities between the characteristics of cryptocurrencies built on blockchain technology and that of evolutionary networks in nature- such as honeybees and ants.”

The path to cryptocurrency profits might lie in a high school biology textbook or more precisely in Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. There is no mention of whether or not the founders were inspired by Fibonacci and the Golden ratio or not. We can only guess. Their algorithm is obviously proprietary, so we’re left to speculate on the exact details of what makes their approach beneficial. Since reading their press release, I’ve been attempting to apply Darwinian language to every aspect of blockchain technology, and my conclusion is that a 51% attack on the blockhain is probably the biological equivalent of a genetic chimera. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how their fund performs in the upcoming years.

Five stars to Anti Hero Capital for a unique approach to navigating and quantifying cryptocurrency markets. If I were interested in creating my own managed investment fund exclusively for cryptocurrencies, I would draw inspiration from cosmology and retrocausal phenomena, not biology.

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