Cryptobellum Notebook

November 16, 2018
by Sharon Moran

Cryptobellum Notebook is a bi-weekly, notebook-style, qualitative summary of the top-ranked 20 cryptocurrencies. Cryptobellum is transforming the way crypto enthusiasts consume cryptocurrency news and blockchain-related developments. The crypto space is saturated with quantitative measurements, and Cryptobellum Notebook fills the gap of much-needed, concise qualitative information.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s price decreased more than 10% and traded at its’ lowest level in over a year. Some market analysts have speculated the decline could be caused by a waning interested in cryptocurrencies, while others pinpoint Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork, resulting in Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision), as a source of uncertainty affecting prices

2. XRP

While Ripple continued to fall, it did manage to overtake Ethereum as the second largest cryptocurrency.

3. Ethereum

The price forecast for Ethereum indicates ETH could go as low as $150. Mike McDonald, founder of MKR Tools tweeted that nearly 1% of ETH supply is locked in MakerDao smart contracts.

4. Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork was initiated yesterday. The hard fork resulted in an implementation now known as Bitcoin “Satoshi’s Vision” which rejected recent technical upgrades and restored retired code from the original bitcoin protocol.

5. Stellar

In a seemingly unprecedented move, Stellar announced a $125 million airdrop of XLM.

6. EOS

It’s noteworthy to mention that Google Play Store took down a fake EOS Wallet this week. This fake wallet was a malware tool designed to steal users cryptocurrency. This unfortunate occurrence serves as a reminder to always exercise caution.

7. Litecoin

Litecoin was not immune to the crypto downturn. This top-10 ranked currency was down over 18% during the preceding 7-day period.

8. Tether

Stablecoin Tether was not exempt from the overall crypto climate. It’s recently been struggling to stay pegged to the USD.

9. Cardano

Michael Parsons, Cardano Foundation Chair, resigned this week. Pascal Schmid took his place.

10. Monero

McAfee labs recently discovered another cryptojacking malware called WebCobra, designed to mine Monero without users realizing.

11. TRON

TRON experienced a massive sell-off this week. However, it has recently been listed on new exchanges, including on trading platform, Blockport.

12. Dash
A DASH stress-test demonstrated a record 3 million transactions earlier this week.

13. IOTA
Bosch announced it partnered with IOTA, integrating its IoT device with IOTA’s marketplace.

14. Binance Coin
XcelTrip, a travel platform, announced that it will start accepting Binance Coin.

15. NEM
Cryptaur, a decentralized Ethereum-based ecosystem, announced a partnership with NEM this week.

16. NEO

Exodus cryptocurrency wallet recently began supporting NEO.

17. Ethereum Classic

ETC hit an all-time 2018 low this week, but its long-term prospects are good given its’ principled, “code is law” approach.

18. Tezos

Kingsland University has partnered with Tezos Foundation to train developers in blockchain technology

19. Zcash

Zcash is eyeing an upcoming Coinbase listing, although nothing has been finalized yet.

20. Bitcoin Gold

With so much focus on the recent Bitcoin Cash fork, it’ll be interesting to see if focus returns to Bitcoin Gold, a prior bitcoin fork aimed at removing the advantage of large mining farms.

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