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Concise Crypto Notes

November 20, 2018
by Sharon Moran

Cryptobellum Notebook is a bi-weekly, notebook-style, qualitative summary of the top-ranked 20 cryptocurrencies. Cryptobellum is transforming the way crypto enthusiasts consume cryptocurrency news and blockchain-related developments. The crypto space is saturated with quantitative measurements, and Cryptobellum Notebook fills the gap of much-needed, concise qualitative information.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin hit its lowest level in over a year, dropping below the $5,000 mark. I think there’s a real possibility it could drop below $1,000.

2. XRP

Ripple added the 5th-largest Southeast Asian bank, CIMB Group, to its network of banks. Ripple has been trading in the green and seems almost immune to the current bear market, a bear market so bad, it’s almost as if Goldilocks overdosed on Ambien.

3. Ethereum

Ethereum has been subject to the same price plunge as other major cryptocurrencies, reaching its lowest level since July 2017 with its price falling below $155.

4. Stellar

Stellar has managed to overtake Bitcoin Cash’s marketcap.

5. Bitcoin Cash

The crypto war involving Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash S.V. saw Bitcoin Cash losing its fourth-place spot to Stellar.

6. EOS

EOS experienced over a 10% price decline since the last publication of Cryptobellum Notebook.

7. Litecoin

Litecoin followed suit with bitcoin and Ethereum and experienced a recent 14-month low.

8. Tether

In the last month, Tether has experienced a considerable increase in daily trading volume.

9. Cardano

On November 13, the Cardano Foundation announced Michael Parsons resignation was effective immediately, and he was replaced with Pascal Schmid on an interim basis. On November 19, an individual with the handle parsonsmatt made a GitHub commit to the Cardano repository.

10. Monero

Unsurprisingly, Monero reached an all-time low of the year following suit with other major cryptocurrencies.

11. TRON

Tron has been experiencing a significant increase in daily users. Also, the transaction volume on TRONs dApp ecosystem has shattered records.

12. IOTA

The IOTA Foundation has announced that Bill Buchanan will be joining the IOTA Research Council.

13. Dash

Bitcoin Cash pioneer, Roger Ver said he doesn’t mind if Dash is accepted as a world currency.

14. Binance Coin

Payment Gateway, CoinPayments is going to be integrating Binance Coin on its platform.

15. NEM

NEM was down 9.89% yesterday.

16. Ethereum Classic

ETC is still maintaining its place in the top 20 coins, but it broke the $7 support level yesterday.

17. NEO

NEO is down over 41% in the last 7 days.

18. Zcash

Cloud mining provider, Hashtoro has announced the launch of Zcash plans.

19. Tezos

Tezos prices drops by over 20%.

20. Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold experienced a sharp decline after holding value over the previous week.

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