Satoshi Summary-Wednesday November 28, 2018 Edition

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

November 28, 2018
by Sharon Moran

Satoshi Summary is a Cryptobellum exclusive named in honor of the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. It provides a carefully curated look at the most noteworthy developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Cryptocurrency investors might be waiting for the market to turn green, but we should also aim for cryptocurrency to actually BE green.

Making Cryptocurrency More Environmentally Sustainable

Amazon: A Machine Learning Oasis? (No pun intended!)
-While there is always a new round of rumors about Amazon accepting cryptocurrency or creating their own, one tangible thing that has happened recently is that Amazon has made their machine learning courses available for free. Previously, these courses were only available to Amazon employees.

Amazon makes its machine learning courses available for free

Trickle Down Effect: Even College Students Demand Luxury Living

Seriously, there are no words for this next article which shows a luxury student residence that is tokenized on the blockchain. It’s located near the University of South Carolina. If I only had a time machine to transport my former college-bound self to 2018. My on-campus experience as a college freshman in a large city consisted of a “dorm” that boasted a communal bathroom and was also home to the city’s rats.

Real Estate on the Blockchain” $20 Million Sale ‘Tokenizes’ Student Residence

Blockchain is Set to Revolutionize Nearly Everything Else. Can It Do the Same for International Trade? See what the World Trade Organization thinks at the link below.

Can Blockchain Revolutionize International Trade?

Was a New Wallet on Your Christmas List? Christmas came early for Ethereum Classic as Coinbase recently added support for the currency.

Ethereum Classic on Coinbase Wallet

No Time for Proof-of-Work to Call Off Sick. Proof-of-Space-Time Has Arrived.

Lambda Debuts First Ever Blockchain Open-Source PoST Algorithm on GitHub

The Naysayer Who Never Sleeps. OR The Forbes Contributor Who Idolizes Old Money
Hint: The author’s one-line bio sums up his negative stance toward crypto. He writes about “wealth preservation.” So, it’s not much of a surprise that he dislikes cryptocurrency, which is poised to be responsible for the greatest wealth transfer in human history. After all, the greatest way to ensure wealth preservation is to try to prevent cryptocurrency from creating a new class of billionaires.

The Cryptocurrency Paradox and Why Crypto Is Failing

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