Is Rocksteady Still Satoshi Nakamoto?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

July 19, 2019
by Sharon Moran

In one word…..


Obviously, we all know who is NOT Satoshi. As much as he insists otherwise, Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. There I said it. So what? Let’s pretend it’s recess on a concrete-paved 80s playground, my response to him would be, “So, SUE me.” (You’d have to have grown up in the 80s to understand the relevance of that reply.) And that’s what Craig Wright would likely do, actually sue me. He’s sued others for saying he’s not Satoshi, even though he really is NOT. Besides we all know who Craig Wright really is. He’s Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook and inventor of Libra.




Will the Real Satoshi Please Stand Up?

The real Satoshi has not stood up and almost certainly never will. I’ve written before about my suspicion that Rocksteady, Creator of TurtleCoin, is actually Satoshi. Since I wrote the original article last June, I discovered a bit of new evidence to support the claim. Rocksteady has authored a Proof of Synchronicity whitepaper. Just like the original bitcoin whitepaper, the Proof of Synchronicity whitepaper is also 9 pages long! The telltale giveaway, though, is that there are two empty pages at the end.


Meaningful coincidence (synchronicity)? Or proof that the original creator of Bitcoin felt so strongly committed to improving upon his original Proof of Work concept that he opened up his original word document (probably written in OpenOffice and not Microsoft Word, just sayin’), highlighted the text, and violently pressed delete. Then he simply began working and typing and finished the Proof of Synchronicity whitepaper ending on page 7, never bothering to delete the two blank pages at the end, an overlooked fact that no one has seemed to notice. I’m a regular Nancy Drew of the blockchain!

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