Satoshi Summary- Sunday July 21, 2019 Edition

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

July 21, 2019
by Sharon Moran

Satoshi Summary is a Cryptobellum exclusive named in honor of the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. It provides a carefully curated look at the most noteworthy developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

With the Mandela Effect in full force, the following headline might have “Bull” used in place of “Bear.” Or at the very least, it should specify which Bears: Bernstain or Bernstein!

Short of Target: Bitcoin’s $1K Rally Leaves Bear Bias Intact

Chris Gorman’s long-awaited report on Electroneum’s vision for eliminating global poverty came out a little over a week ago. Here is your one friendly Cryptobellum reminder: you NEED to read this report. For all the buzz about how blockchain and cryptocurrency can eradicate global poverty, Electroneum is one company who is actually going to do it. They have an actionable and comprehensive plan, and they’re on the ground in developing nations and building an ecosystem. They’re also putting cryptocurrency directly in the hands of the people who need it the most via their mobile app, and I’ve previously suggested the process be renamed metamining.

Building Pathways Out of Poverty

I don’t know whether it’s funny or worrisome that exchange Binance didn’t realize they had 9.5 million Stellar “lying around.” As a result of this recent discovery, Binance is adding support for XLM staking offering a proportional distribution to Binance customers who hold a minimum of 10 XLM in their accounts.

Binance to airdrop 9 million Stellar, now offers staking rewards

An upcoming blockchain conference in Athens, Greece is set to feature W. Scott Stornetta, who is considered one of the “fathers” of blockchain. Stornetta’s work was referenced three times in the original Bitcoin whitepaper. Given bitcoin’s success, I imagine it’s pretty affirming for Stornetta to see his work referenced. I was beyond ecstatic when the Florida Technology Council referenced my article, IBM, Blockchain, Crypto-Anchors and Quantum Computing: Think 2018. It appeared in their report titled, Preparing Florida for Blockchain- Is Now the Time? nestled between references from Deloitte Insights and Deloitte University Press.

DECENTRALIZED 2019: The ‘Father’ of Blockchain to present at Athens Conference

Slow and steady wins the race. Yesterday, I wrote about why I think TurtleCoin Creator Rocksteady is Still Satoshi Nakamoto. I’ve maintained this opinion since I originally wrote, Searching for Satoshi Nakamoto: Is Turtle Coin Creator Rocksteady Also the Pseudonymous Creator of Bitcoin?

Is Rocksteady Still Satoshi Nakamoto?

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