Cryptobellum Notebook-July 22, 2019 Edition

Concise Crypto Notes

July 22, 2019
by Sharon Moran

Cryptobellum Notebook is a bi-weekly, notebook-style, qualitative summary of the top-ranked cryptocurrencies. Cryptobellum is transforming the way crypto enthusiasts consume cryptocurrency news and blockchain-related developments. The crypto space is saturated with quantitative measurements, and Cryptobellum Notebook fills the gap of much-needed, concise qualitative information.

1. Bitcoin

On this day in history 10 years ago, over 70 bitcoin addresses received 1 block reward each (50 BTC) and have remained dormant ever since. Over 60% of those addresses probably belong to Satoshi Nakamoto, and the remaining 40% are probably split between two early bitcoin miners, three at most.

2. Ethereum

According to new research by U.S. brokerage eToro, apparently Facebook’s yet-to-launch Libra coin is ahead of Ethereum in terms of name recognition even though Ethereum launched in 2014.

3. XRP

Bank of America recently filed a patent citing Ripple technology, and this had a positive short-term effect on the price of XRP.

4. Litecoin

According to research conducted by Strix Leviathan, blockchain halving events do not affect price.

5. Bitcoin Cash

Vitalik Buterin revealed that Bitcoin Cash could help Ethereum’s scalability issues in the short term.

6. Binance Coin

Binance Coin has stood out in recent weeks as the best performing crypto among the top 10 ranked coins.

7. Tether

According to a recent report published by Morgan Stanley, most BTC is purchased with Tether.

8. EOS

One recent prediction puts EOS at more than double its’ current price by the end of the year.

9. Bitcoin SV

A version of Windows XP is now available on the Bitcoin SV blockchain thanks to an ingenious developer.

10. TRON

TRON Founder Justin Sun has an upcoming lunch scheduled with Warren Buffet.

11. Stellar

As of this month, Binance has now added support for staking Stellar.

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