Cryptobellum Weekly- June 6, 2022 Edition

Helping to Make Sats the Standard

A look at how much frequently purchased items cost in sats

*Listed prices specifically reflect the Northeast

ItemPrice in SatsPrice in USD
Loaf of bread, white8337$2.50
bottled water, 16 oz3968$1.19
Milk, 1 gallon13973$4.19
eggs, 1 dozen9971$2.99
ground beef, 1 pound17,642$5.29
boneless chicken breast, 1 pound18309$5.49
potatoes, 5 pound bag11639$3.49
iceberg lettuce5969$1.79
coffee, 12 ounce cup9171$2.75
movie ticket, adult39854$11.95
gasoline, regular, 1 gallon16508$4.95
minimum wage43355/hr$13/hr
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